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Bridging solutions for design engineers and buyers at Batten & Allen.

At Batten & Allen, we recognise the challenges faced by our customers, both in design engineering and buying. We've streamlined our customer service to meet expectations of these pivotal roles ensuring a smooth transition from quote right through to delivery.

For Design Engineers:

Design Engineers are at the core of what we do. However, they often encounter challenges related to materials, cost-efficiency, and manufacture. Batten & Allen are here to help:

Technical Collaboration

Batten & Allen's team of experts work in partnership with Design Engineers to understand the project requirements fully.

This collaborative approach invariably leads to better design efficiency, innovation, and manufacture.


Material Selection Guidance

At Batten & Allen, our experience and expertise mean we understand different materials, their advantages and limitations.

Our years of working together with design engineers in selecting the right materials guarantees we get it right every time.


Prototype Development 

We offer rapid prototyping services to help engineers test and refine their designs before mass production.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we are always on hand to help and advise where necessary.

It's our mission to help achieve precision, cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.


 For Buyers:

Buyers are often faced with the problem of sourcing high-quality, cost-effective solutions within tight timelines. Batten & Allen are here to help.


We offer highly competitive pricing on our services and products to ensure buyers can meet their budgetary requirements. rest assured we NEVER compromise on quality.

A partnership with Batten & Allen means complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that it's our goal to make the entire buying process as straightforward as possible.


Reliable Supply Chain

One of a buyer’s biggest concerns is supply and demand. Our established and reliable supply chain ensures timely delivery of products.

We appreciate the headaches a disruption in supply can cause, that's why we use suppliers we know we can trust. You'll be safe in the knowledge your order will arrive on time and on budget.


Quality Assurance

We stick to strict in-house quality control measures. This industry standard compliance ensures every product meets the highest level.


Flexible Order Scaling

At Batten & Allen, we understand project requirements can change.

Our manufacturing setup allows us to upscale or downscale orders quickly and easily, providing buyers with a flexible yet totally dependable level of adaptability.


Transparent Communication

One of our core values is communication. We believe in maintaining clear and open messaging, providing buyers with real-time updates and an agile, flexible approach.


News and insights

Everything about the market, Batten & Allen and the services we offer to give you the competitive edge.

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