Digital connectors for Telecoms

Making sure every component gets the message through.

Batten & Allen has long established itself as a pivotal player in the communication business.

As the digital revolution intensifies, our full commitment to excellence, helps ensure a seamless connectivity with the world at large. With an impressive capability to produce telephonic components in colossal quantities, we remain uncompromising in our dedication to precision and reliability. Our ethos for Telecoms components is simple: Whether in mass or individual tailored pieces, every piece of communication hardware made with our tech, will deliver its message loud and clear.


Batten & Allen are well aware of our almost total dependency on communication.

We pride ourselves on producing components that combine the very best of accuracy and precision and as the digital revolution gains traction, our commitment to excellence ensures every component we produce will keep you in touch with the world.


Parts By The Million

Our ability to produce vast quantities of automotive electronic components is matched only by our dedication to accuracy and reliability.

In an industry where swift communication hinges on the quality of its electronics, we make sure every component is crafted to perfection.

parts by the millions

Helping Clients Realise Seamless Connectivity

Whether producing parts by the million or singular bespoke pieces, our dedication to accuracy and reliability ensures every message reaches its destination.

Case Study

Helping Clients Realise Seamless Connectivity

Whether producing parts by the million or singular bespoke pieces, our dedication to accuracy and reliability ensures every message reaches its destination.

Read the full Case Study on Tooling Design


Telephonic Components

Batten & Allen play a major role in the design and manufacture of essential smartphone components.

Using their understanding of the modern mobile landscape, they produce parts crucial for device performance, functionality, and durability. Each component is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you can get through every time.


Wireless Comms

Batten & Allen recognise the importance of uninterrupted connectivity.  We ensure our components serve the evolving demands of wireless data transmission.

Our expertise helps guarantee high-speed, reliable wireless connections, essential for today's interconnected world.


Digital Comms:

Batten & Allen are at the forefront of digital signal technology, producing components that ensure clear, rapid, and precise transmission.

In a world almost wholly dependent on the quick and accurate transfer of data, our digital signal solutions are a testament to our commitment to clarity and efficiency.


The Perfect Partnership

Batten & Allen's ideal partners are forward-thinking and equally committed to fostering the future of effortless communication.

We see partnerships with telecom operators, innovative hardware manufacturers and institutions that are at the forefront of technologies such as 5G, IoT, and satellite communications. Together, through a shared passion for precision and reliability, we aim to keep in touch.

Customer Focused Design

Our team of engineering experts combine their skill and knowledge with yours creating exceptional results – every time.

Precision Stamping

We consistently deliver high-volume, precisely stamped metal components for electronic applications. On time, on spec and on budget.

Expert Plating

Enhance the appearance and durability of pressed components with our latest high tech plating systems.

Hi-Tech Tooling

Fast prototyping and the creation of complex designs. Using the latest developments in tooling,  we improve product quality,  slash  lead times and  save money

Seamless Assembly

Smooth, uninterrupted, and efficient Our assembly systems create a continuous production process,  Fast, accurate and totally reliable.

Versatile Moulding

Our advanced moulding techniques lets us achieve great results from  even the most intricate of designs, Your ideas are in good hands.

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