Custom Connectors

Enhanced compatibility and ease of integration, significantly reducing connectivity issues while promoting optimal performance

Our fully equipped factory and a range of in-house capabilities allows us to provide shorter lead times and lower costs compared to a project involving multiple vendors.

With a world class in-house design facility, we can assist our customers at the earliest possible stage in development and offer a varied selection of custom application connectors to suit all markets.

Additionally, with the compliment of our own in-house tooling, stamping and plating facilities we can offer a complete solution, from prototype through to high volume production and assembly with unrivalled speed and responsiveness.

We have years of experience in designing and producing connectors, and are also certified to ISO19001, IATF16949, and ISO14001. This means that every stage of development is managed properly, and a strict set of quality management practices ensures that the final products are to the highest standards.


  • Reel to reel
  • Semi-shear for easy break off
  • Compliant (Press fit)
  • Pins on bandolier
  • IDC contacts
  • Pre-plated material
  • Post plated connectors
  • Spot plating
  • Selective gold and palladium plating
  • Tape and reel packaging

High precision

Precision in Every Custom Connector!

Harness the power of our bespoke lead frames, tailored to your specific needs. From Z Clips to high-volume precision lead frames, we've got you covered.

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High precision assembly

Stamped, plated and moulded connectors

Excellence in Every Connector Detail!

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Stamped, plated and moulded connectors

Inspection for solderability

Ensuring Seamless Connections Every Time!

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Inspection for solderability

Stamped, plated and moulded connectors

Crafted Connectors for Optimal Performance!

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Force measurements for connector end use
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Experience Our Custom Connector Solutions!

Benefit from our world-class in-house design, tooling, stamping, and plating facilities.

From prototype to high-volume production, we ensure quality and responsiveness every step of the way. Trust in our years of expertise, backed by ISO19001, IATF16949, and ISO14001 certifications.

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