Stamping and Advanced Plating for Aerospace

Pioneering Aerospace Excellence with Innovative Engineering, Precision Stamping, and Advanced Plating

It’s a sector known for its exacting standards and rapid evolution.

With a strong record of delivering components that meet the highest levels of precision and tolerance, our engineering team at Batten & Allen is world class and very much up to the aerospace challenge.

Our abilities don't end with high volume production. We make certain of every component's accuracy, crucial in an industry with zero tolerance for errors.

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We are rightly proud to contribute to this exciting and ever-changing engineering sector. Electronic aerospace components require a different level of precision and tolerance and our success in delivery of these stringent criteria stand as testament to the quality and expertise of our engineering team.

Complementing this, our advanced plating and stamping techniques further improve the resilience and performance of parts designed for the aerospace industry.


Parts By The Million

Batten & Allen's production capabilities are not just about volume, but about the combination of speed with quality assurance, non-negotiable in the aerospace sector.

Within an industry where the margin for error is minuscule, and accuracy is everything, Batten & Allen have strengthened our reputation by consistently delivering high volumes of components at an impressive pace, without compromising on precision.


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Innovative Aerospace Engineering Meets Unparalleled Precision.

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Case Study

prototype to production

Dive into Batten & Allen's journey of mastering tooling design, ensuring reliability at every stage. Our in-house capabilities, from advanced wire erosion to state-of-the-art machining centers, showcase our commitment to delivering high-quality components efficiently.

Learn how our meticulous design process, combined with our expertise in stamping and plating, offers unparalleled precision and cost-effectiveness.

Read the Full Case Study on Tooling Design


Batten & Allen are firmly established as a key player in the aerospace sector, offering a diverse range of specialised services tailored to meet the exacting standards of the industry.


At the heart of any intricate aerospace component lies precision tooling. Batten & Allen's expertise in this area ensures components are crafted to the highest standards, using cutting-edge tooling techniques and equipment. 

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In the aerospace industry, components not only have to perform flawlessly but must also withstand a range of extreme conditions.

Batten & Allen's advanced plating services ensure that aerospace parts leave production with an enhanced resilience against wear, corrosion, and environmental factors. 

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At Batten & Allen, we have developed stamping processes to an art form, ensuring that our components are produced with accuracy and precision.

Our techniques guarantee components that meet and exceed the stringent requirements of aerospace applications.

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Our team of engineers collaborates closely with clients, offering innovative solutions tailored to the intricate demands of modern aviation.

Their depth of knowledge, combined with a passion for innovation, ensures Batten & Allen remain at the forefront of aerospace solutions.


The Perfect Partnership

Our perfect partner has a shared commitment to innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement, understanding the specialist needs of the aerospace industry. While Batten & Allen excel in specific aerospace services, a partner offering complementary services, for example, advanced composite materials, avionics expertise, or systems integration, could expand the scope and depth of joint offerings.

Given the rigorous demands of aerospace engineering where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, the ideal partner should have a commitment to quality assurance and a proven track record of excellence. To cater to the global nature of the aerospace sector, partners should ideally have a global presence or at least an ambition to scale internationally, ensuring solutions are accessible to clients worldwide.

Customer Focused Design

Our team of aerospace experts combine their skill and knowledge with yours creating exceptional results – every time.

Precision Stamping For Aerospace

We consistently deliver high-volume, precisely stamped  components for aerospace applications. On time, on spec and on budget. Remember, we never compromise on quality.

Collaboration is Key

Working with customers is where Batten & Allen excel. We know the aerospace sector and have  a strong reputation of being able to deliver the highest quality components precisely to order.

Hi-Tech Tooling

The ability to produce high quality tooling is essential in the aerospace sector. Batten & Allen are leaders in the field. You can have total confidence our team of aerospace experts will deliver your components to exact and precise specification.

Seamless Assembly

Smooth, uninterrupted, and efficient. Our assembly systems create a continuous and consistent production process.

Precision for Aerospace

Our advanced techniques in this sector produces perfect results from even the most intricate of designs, Trust Batten & Allen, your ideas are in good hands.

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Elevate Aerospace Excellence

Discover the epitome of aerospace engineering with Batten & Allen.

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