Custom Precision Stamping

Engineering the Extraordinary

Precision Stamping Has Been at the Heart of Batten & Allen Since 1972

With 22 high-speed Bruderer presses operating around the clock, we produce over 650 million precision-stamped parts per month – handling large-scale projects with ease. By offering rapid production times, we deliver crucial efficiency for OEMs looking to reduce the time from design to market, helping our customers launch products faster and stay competitive in their fast-paced industries.

Our components serve critical roles in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, consistently redefining industry benchmarks with material thicknesses ranging from the ultra-thin 10 microns to robust 2mm single-piece stampings.

With 22 high speed Bruderer presses running on a three shift system can produce over 650 million precision stamped parts per month.

Ultimate Scalability

With the capability to produce such significant numbers of pressed parts, we’re in the ideal position to help you navigate fluctuations in demand - without disrupting the supply chain – as well as giving you flexibility in production planning and inventory management.


Unmatched Quality

We won't sacrifice the quality and precision of the parts we make at Batten & Allen, no matter how many we produce.

You can always be confident that the parts you receive will meet stringent specifications and perform reliably in your products, protecting your reputation and helping you to achieve success.


We pride ourselves in serving advanced market sectors with components supplied from custom tooling:

  • Lead Frames: Multi-impression fine tolerance lead frames, leveraging up to 32-impression tooling, allow us to produce high volumes at a low unit cost. Options for pre-plated, post, or selective plating cater to specific requirements. Learn more about our Lead Frames.
  • Connectors: Our in-house design team develops tooling and process for a wide range of connectors tailored to various sectors. Supported by our own plating lines and comprehensive customer support, we ensure seamless integration with your projects. Explore our Connectors range.
  • Press-Fit Pins: Understanding the critical nature of press-fit pins, we supply both standard and high-performance alloys in various thicknesses. Custom patterns are available to meet unique application needs.
  • IDCs: We manufacture fine-tolerance Insulation Displacement Connectors from diverse materials and plating finishes. Designed for close-pitch applications, they come with carrier bars for swift automated assembly.

From Concept to Completion 

Experience engineering excellence at every step of your product’s journey. Batten & Allen’s comprehensive process, from concept to completion, ensures seamless, efficient, and tailored production that you can trust. 


Beyond Components: A Partnership for Success 

Join forces with Batten & Allen and work with a partner committed to your product's success. Our complete engineering service is designed to bring your innovative visions to life, producing parts by the billion and demonstrating our extraordinary capacity for precision at scale.


The Perfect Partnership

The perfect partner for Batten & Allen values a quality, precision, and collaborative approach toward achieving shared goals.  Operates within sectors where precision-stamped components are crucial—such as automotive, electronics, or medical devices and holds a robust purchasing process in place, ensuring clear communication and adherence to compliance and quality standards. Moreover, appreciates our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and fostering a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Precision Engineering

Batten & Allen's stamping services are a symbol of precision and quality, ensuring each component is crafted to meet exact specifications. 

Customised Solutions

Understanding the unique requirements of each project, Batten & Allen offer tailored stamping solutions. This collaborative approach ensures not only the functionality but also the cost-effectiveness of components.

Quality Assurance

Enhance the appearance and durability of pressed components with our latest high tech plating systems, 

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality control measures at Batten & Allen ensure every stamped component is compliant to highest industry standards. You can rely on consistency and durability throughout the process.

Advanced Technology

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Batten & Allen optimises the stamping process to achieve superior precision. Our continual investment in technological advancements underscores a commitment to staying  at the forefront of the sector.


Through streamlining operations and leveraging economies of scale, Batten & Allen offers cost-effective stamping solutions without compromising on quality

Case Study

Precision tooling excellence: from prototype to production

Dive into Batten & Allen's journey of mastering tooling design, ensuring reliability at every stage. Our in-house capabilities, from advanced wire erosion to state-of-the-art machining centers, showcase our commitment to delivering high-quality components efficiently.

Learn how our meticulous design process, combined with our expertise in stamping and plating, offers unparalleled precision and cost-effectiveness.

Read the Full Case Study on Tooling Design

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Experience the pinnacle of stamping reliability with Batten & Allen since 1972

Dive deep into our legacy of producing over 650 million precision stamped parts per month.

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