Stacked Capacitor Leadframes

A sturdy and reliable connection between capacitors and the circuitry in various electronic devices, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

New to market – a range of leadframe specifically designed for through hole and surface mount ceramic capacitors.

Leadframes for through hole and surface mount ceramic capacitors

Designed with precision to accommodate a wide range of capacitor types and sizes, ensuring a snug fit and excellent electrical conductivity.


  • Through hole or surface mount
  • Standard Pitch Sizes
  • Available with break-off tie bars
  • Allows greater design flexibility of ceramic capacitor arrays


  • Low cost & effective solution to capacitor stacking
  • High reliability
  • Low set-up / entry costs
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Multi stack height – up to 4 high

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Unveil Our Stacked Capacitor Leadframes!

Introducing our leadframes specifically designed for both through hole and surface mount ceramic capacitors.

Experience greater design flexibility and optimise your ceramic capacitor arrays.

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