Component Design 

Tailored Solutions Ensuring Reliability and Efficient Production.

precision: from concept to component

At Batten & Allen, we provide customised solutions that guarantee dependability and high-quality output. Our full-service approach begins with a deep understanding of your needs, facilitated by close collaboration throughout the design process. By incorporating our expertise early in the design phase, you’ll benefit from a streamlined project that mitigates common snags during production – as well as having the opportunity to weave in additional value, right from the start. 

Complete Design Services 

We provide comprehensive precision engineering design solutions - including advice and prototyping, as well as tool design and build. Our capabilities range from single to 32 impression progression tools, underpinned by our extensive production and subcontract management expertise.

We also design and supply in-house and on-premises assembly equipment, ensuring a seamless integration from initial concept to final component. This integration not only minimises waste in strip design but also facilitates the selection of the most effective materials for each project. Our innovative approach allows for efficient, precise and value-driven manufacturing processes.


Advanced CAD and Wire Erosion Technology

We optimise the progression between each stage of production by leveraging the latest in CAD/CAM design and wire erosion equipment. 

Advanced CAD and Wire Erosion Technology

Reduced Lead Times Through Innovation 

We have significantly reduced tooling lead times by selecting only the relevant data for specific tooling tasks from complex designs. This data is directly transferred through a range of CAD/CAM software, eliminating the need for re-drawing.

Additionally, by standardising our modular design of tooling through the use of stock item parts, we can further decrease our lead times, enhancing our ability to meet your timelines swiftly.

Let’s Discuss Your Design Needs

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The design process

Design Prototyping

Design / Prototype

Our standard modular tool format which allows us to standardise the design process, resulting in significantly reduced lead time and improved repeatability.

Design Tooling


With a fully equipped toolroom we manufacture tooling to meet our customer demands.

Design Stamping


With 22 high speed Bruderer presses capable of running on a three shift system we have the ability to produce over 650 million parts per month.

Design Plating


We currently have 8 in-house electroplating lines with the capability of plating stamping components reel to reel, as well as pre-plating of continuous coil material for subsequent stamping.

Design Moulding


We work closely with a UK based plastic injection moulding company who deliver a full range of moulding services.

Design Assembly


Through integration into the customer assembly process we can design and supply a number of options for point of use assembly.

The Perfect Partnership

Batten & Allen thrive in partnerships where there's mutual understanding of the role design services play in driving project success and operational efficiency. An ideal partnership would champion a culture of innovation and  pioneering design solutions. The experienced design team at Batten & Allen enjoys collaboration with partners who are equally invested in combining expertise to navigate design challenges.

Precision in Design

Batten & Allen’s design services are synonymous with precision. This precision forms the cornerstone of high-quality, functional design across numerous industrial sectors.

Customised Design Solutions

With a keen understanding of varied project demands, Batten & Allen offer tailored design solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. This approach ensures  functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Experienced Design Team

Batten & Allen are rightly proud of our design team. With the knowledge and expertise to tackle a wide array of design challenges, their collective experience is key to providing insightful and effective design solutions.


Through streamlined processes and optimised operations, Batten & Allen provide cost-effective design solutions. Our competitive pricing, paired with unparalleled quality, offers clients exceptional value for money.


Through streamlined processes and optimised operations, Batten & Allen provide cost-effective design solutions. Our competitive pricing, paired with unparalleled quality, offers our clients exceptional value for money.

Working Together

Encouraging a collaborative approach, Batten & Allen work closely with clients to understand their needs and translate them into practical design solutions. This partnership-driven approach is great for shared success in project outcomes.

Case Study

Precision tooling excellence: from prototype to production

Dive into Batten & Allen's journey of mastering tooling design, ensuring reliability at every stage. Our in-house capabilities, from advanced wire erosion to state-of-the-art machining centers, showcase our commitment to delivering high-quality components efficiently.

Learn how our meticulous design process, combined with our expertise in stamping and plating, offers unparalleled precision and cost-effectiveness.

Read the Full Case Study on Tooling Design

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