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Batten & Allen stand as industry leaders across multiple sectors

We have a strong pedigree of expertise and commitment to precision and quality. In electronics, we lead from the front with pioneering technological advancements. Our dedication to the automotive sector shows a strong commitment to quality and safety, meeting and often exceeding the demands of top-tier manufacturers.

In the fast-moving telecoms sector, our focus remains unchanged; crafting superior solutions to meet an ever more demanding sector. Within the medical realm, our dedication to precision, quite simply, becomes a life-saving priority. Our expertise in the industrial domain underscores a holistic approach to engineering and industry, ensuring every project embodies customer expectations for precision, reliability, and safety.

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Batten & Allen are pioneers in electronics. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is evident from our recent research activities, where we have made significant advances in the world of electronics, helping set new standards for an ever-evolving sector.

Through exploration and a passion for excellence, we continue to shape the future, ensuring our partners and customers benefit from our cutting-edge solutions and expertise.

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For Batten & Allen, the automotive sector is more than just a market, it's our testament to precision and quality.

We take great pride in supplying precisely engineered parts to a range of leading automotive brands. In a sector where demand for high-quality components is increasing all the time, Batten & Allen deliver every time.

We understand how each component plays a vital part in overall performance, safety, and reliability of a vehicle. It's this that drives our passion for excellence, ensuring every piece meets the exacting standards demanded by the world's top automotive manufacturers.

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In the fast-changing world of telecoms, Batten & Allen maintains a strong commitment to precision accuracy and attention to detail. Telecoms is becoming an ever more complex landscape. Ranging from intricate infrastructure components to advanced communication devices, requires an agile yet precise approach.

At Batten & Allen, we are dedicated to crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique demands of the sector. With the evolution of Telecoms and the expanding horizons of communication, our steady focus makes sure our partners always get the message through.

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Batten and Allen have gained a powerful reputation as champions of precision and innovators in the medical sector. Our involvement spans a diverse range of applications ranging from critical life-saving equipment components to advanced diagnostic tools.

This calls for a deep understanding and stringent attention to detail, as even the smallest variance can be the difference between life and death. We realise this and provide an agile yet precise approach that comes with serving this sector.

Ensuring the highest standards of precision isn't just "business-speak" for us—it's a sincere commitment to health, well-being, and the advancement of medical science.

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The fast moving Aerospace Sector is driven by new levels of accuracy and precision. There are different criteria when working within this industry and Batten & Allen has built a strong reputation on the reliability and quality of it's Aerospace operation. Customers within the sector trust us to deliver these parts built to the highest possible specification. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and collaborative approach, Batten & Allen have emerged as a world class supplier of aerospace components

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Aerospace engineering

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Precision Control Across All Sectors

Batten & Allen: Pioneers in electronics, automotive, telecoms, and more. Delivering cutting-edge solutions with unparalleled precision and reliability.

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