Custom Metal Stamping and Plating

Custom metal stamping and plating is at the heart of Batten and Allen’s business. We have worked with clients to create specialised product applications in a wide variety of fields, including the Medical, Telecom, Automotive and Electronics industries.

Batten and Allen is a focused producer of metal stampings, rather than a general job shop. We aim to ensure our expertise is not diluted. With multi-out dies and constant speeds of up to 1,200 strokes per minute, based on a 3 shift work schedule, we have the capacity to produce up to six hundred and fifty million metal stampings per month with our complement of Bruderer high speed metal stamping machines. 

Our expertise extends to assisting customers with the initial design concept, including the choice of raw material. To this end, we have developed close working relationships with industry leading producers of non-ferrous alloys. Where possible, we like to be involved before a part is signed off so that we can assist in the design and product layout. In this way, we can attempt to identify “cost-down” solutions before a die is built.

Following manufacture of the stamped and plated part, we can also offer crop and form tooling to assist customers in-house assembly and production.

We are aware of EU directives on lead reduction as applied to post electroplating, and we are able to offer advice on alternatives to leaded solder alloys.

Lead-Free plating RoHS Compliant

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